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Often our clients have built their own network of service providers but the scale and cost of managing an array of independent local vendors has become unwieldy, distracting the organization from its core mission.

Global Express Courier Int’l has a locally based, technology-enabled logistics team that manages our carriers and our customers’ carriers. Our professionals represent a diversity and depth of experience from top logistics and industry organizations. Our Network Management services allow customers to refocus supply chain resources by providing a single point of contact for developing delivery programs, sourcing delivery providers and managing multiple vendors. Whether it is our network, your network or a combination, Global Express Courier Int’l leverages industry expertise, hands-on management and technology to drive quality, cost and continuous improvement.

Performance Management
Great operations are a result of being fully engaged in the local delivery operations. Global Express Courier Int’l Carrier Management team is hands-on in operations across the network to drive the performance of KPIs that are relevant to your company. Carrier managers are geographically located across the country so that they are able to cultivate productive local business relationships and truly understand our carrier partners. We measure, improve and audit local operations. Our processes include quantifying customer satisfaction, sharing best practices and conducting customer-specific training. By outsourcing the day-to-day operations management to our team your company can leverage our strong relationships and local carrier expertise to make your company more scalable.

Choose a Delivery Network
Global Express Courier Int’l Carrier Management can manage your existing carriers or provide access to our existing delivery network. Our pre-qualified carriers have the experience and capabilities to handle a wide range of delivery needs and are already integrated with Global Express Courier Int’l for easy data flow and KPI management. Through relationships and experience, Global Express Courier Int’l has been able to standardize rate structures, simplify pricing and build competitive rates. We deploy active alternate carriers in each market so whether it is increased seasonal activity or a spike in business volume, Global Express Courier Int’l is equipped to handle your work.

Centralize Vendor Payment
Global Express Courier Int’l is the industry expert in standardizing and managing rate structures and vendor payments across all facets of the last mile industry. Our experience and systems enable our positive pay process, saving endless hours for our clients’ logistics and accounting teams and eliminating the need for third party payment auditing.

Streamline Data Flow
With direct integration to over a thousand local service providers Global Express Courier Int’l simplifies information exchange for our clients. With a single platform that provides the interface between our clients Order Management – TMS systems and the local service providers own dispatch and operational control software, Global Express Courier Int’l makes the exchange of critical information and real time visibility simple and cost effective for our clients.

At Global Express Courier Int’l, we use our industry experience and technology to manage a network of the very best international delivery providers in every world market.


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