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Vision And Values


Focusing exclusively on the Final Mile, Global Express Courier Int’l combines the highest quality local & international delivery services, with cutting edge leading processes and constantly evolving technology our committed workforce provide optimal solutions for our customers’ unique needs..

  • Service Quality Increase
  • Local Presence for all Customers
  • Growth in Efficency and Network
  • Operating Updated Modern day Technology
  • Environmental Protection
  • Aid to Businesses & Sustainability
  • Secure & Fast Delivery Attempts


  • Security: Your parcel arrives safe and sound. High security standards and ongoing monitoring.
  • Sustainability: We act responsibly and are committed to our staff, society and the environment..
  • Reliability: Your parcel arrives on time. Stable world-wide network with uniform quality control.
  • Transparency: We keep track of your parcel. Modern IT systems, monitoring of each process step.

At Global Express Courier Int’l, we use our industry experience and technology to manage a network of the very best international delivery providers in every world market.


Address: 13 Hubert street, New York, USA

TEL: +1 332 334 1514